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Jason Middlebrook


Born 1966 in Jackson
Lives and works in New York

  • Education

  • 1994-95
    Whitney Independent Program,
    New York, NY
  • 1994
    San Francisco Art Institute,
    San Francisco,
    CA, Master of Fine Arts
  • 1990
    University of California
    at Santa Cruz,
    B.A. in Fine Arts
  • Selected Solo Exhibitions/Projects

  • 2010
    "With the grain" Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm
    "More Art about Buildings and Food”Art House, Austin, Texas

  • 2009
    ”Jason Middlebrook”,
    University Art Museum,
    Albany, NY
  • 2008
    Sara Meltzer Gallery,
    New York, NY
  • 2007
    ”One Man's Trash is
    Another Man's Treasure”,
    Kevin Bruk Gallery, Miami, FL.
    ”A Serious Paradise”,
    Gregory Lind Gallery,
    San Francisco, CA
    ”What is your hobby?”,
    The Fireplace Project,
    East Hampton, NY
  • 2006
    ”Live Building:
    The Recycling and Demolition
    of the Wurm's Building”,
    Organized by Ciara
    Ennis, California Museum
    of Photography,
    UCR/ARTS block, Riverside, CA
    ”It's All So Black and White”,
    Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
  • 2005
    Galleria Pack, Milan
    (two person show),
    Curated by Gianluca Marziani
    ”The Provider”,
    Sara Meltzer Gallery,
    New York, NY
    ”Past, Present, Future”,
    Margo Leavin Gallery,
    Los Angeles, CA
  • 2004
    ”The Beginning of the End”
    Aldrich Contemporary Museum
    of Art, Ridgefield, CT Outdoor
    sculpture project,
    Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO
  • 2003
    ”APL #1” ,
    Sara Meltzer Gallery,
    New York
    ”APL #2”,
    Els Hannape Underground.
    Athens, Greece
    ”Empire of Dirt”,
    Curated by Lorenzo Fusi,
    Palazzo Delle Papesse
    Centro Arte Contemporanea,
    Siena, Italy
  • 2002
    ”(De) - Composition”,
    Art Statements,
    Art Basel Miami Nylon Gallery,
    London, England
  • 2001
    ”Dig i”, New Museum of
    Contemporary Art, New York, NY
    ”Museum Storage”,
    Curated by Ciara Ennis,
    Santa Monica Museum of Art,
    Santa Monica, CA
    ”Visible Entropy”,
    Room 01, Sara Meltzer Gallery,
    New York, NY
  • 2000
    ”Jason + Kate”, Presented
    by Sara Meltzer Gallery,
    Meat Market Art Fair,
    New York, NY
  • 1999
    Steffany Martz Gallery,
    New York, NY
    ”Grand Entrance at the Commons”
    (one-year public installation),
    Public Art Fund of New York City,
    Public Commission at Metro Tech,
    Brooklyn, NY Curator of
  • 1996
    ”Real Estate”,
    John Berggruen Gallery,
    San Francisco, CA
  • 1995
    ”Identity Props”, Arena,
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2011
    Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy", Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach
    "Beyond Landscape", Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street Gallery, New York
    "Brooklyn Seeds", The Official Subway Art and Rail Art, New York
  • 2010
    ”Alexander Calder and Contemporary Art: Form, Balance, Joy”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
    "The Big Draw”, Wave Hill and The Drawing Center
    “Timber! An Open Exhibition”, Sun Valley Center for the Arts and the Hailey Arts Commission
  • 2009
    “A Work in Progress”, curated by Dan Cameron, Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Bennington, VT
    “LA 2019: Cults, Collectives, and Cocooning”, curated by Ciara Ennis, 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica
  • 2008
    ”The Rain,
    The Park and Other Things”,
    Curated by Renee Ricardo,
    Nicole Fiacco Gallery,
    Hudson, NY Field Work,
    Smart Project Space,
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2007
    ”Collector's Choice III.
    Audacity in Art:
    Selected Works from
    Central Florida
    Orlando Museum of Art,
    Orlando, FL
    ”Sheldon Survey, An Invitational”,
    Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery,
    University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE
  • 2006
    ”Manhattan Transfer”,
    Curated by John Weber, ZONE:
    Chelsea Center for the Arts,
    New York, NY
    ”Memory, Architecture and Place”,
    Forest Hills Cemementary, Boston, MA
    ”Nature is Knocking”,
    Jersey Art Center,
    Newark, NJ QED, Los Angeles, CA
  • 2005
    ”Apocalypse Soon”,
    Curated by Kristin Valabrese,
    QED, Los Angeles, CA
    ”The Obligation to Endure: Art and
    Ecology Since 'Silent Spring'”,
    Curated by Nick Debs, New York
    Academy of Science, New York, NY
    ”Five Projects”, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY
  • 2004
    ”Print Publishers Spotlight”,
    Barbara Karkow Gallery, Boston, MA
    ”Crude Oil Paintings” (catalogue),
    Curated by Elena Sorokina,
    White Columns, New York, NY
    ”Cleanliness”, Curated by Adam Frank,
    Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York, NY
  • 22003
    ”The Outlaw Series 2003”,
    curated by Lisa Kirk, New York,
    NY(matchbook project)
    curated by Susan M. Canning,
    Castle Gallery,
    College of New Rochelle,
    New Rochelle, NY
  • 2003-5
    Curated by Mary Kay Lombino,
    Contemporary Art Museum,
    University of South Florida,
    Tampa, FL; H & R Block
    Artspace at the Kansas
    City Art Institute, Kansas City,
    KS, and more.
  • 2002
    ”Hash Brown Potatoes”,
    Curated by Omar Lopez-Chahoud,
    Smack Mellon Studio, Brooklyn, NY

    ”Majority Rules: Part One”,
    Curated by Letha Wilson and
    Tara Mc Dowell, Free Gallery,
    Glasgow, UK
  • 2000
    ”La Ville / Le Jardin / La Memoire”,
    Curated by Hans Ulrich Orbist,
    Academie de France a Rome, Villa
    Medici, Rome Italy

    Organized by Robert Heckees,
    Neo-Images, New York, NY
  • 1999
    ”Odd Gloss”,
    Curated by Gordon Haines,
    Rosamund Felsen Gallery,
    Santa Monica, CA

    ”A Room with a View”,
    Curated by Mike Weiss,
    Sixth @ Prince Fine Art,
    New York, NY
  • 1998
    ”Day in May Project”,
    Curators Regine Basha, Christoph
    Gerozissis & Anton Vidokle,
    Cold Spring, NY SoHo Downtown
    Arts Festival, Day Weekend,
    New York, NY

    ”Gender Consumption
    Assumption of Gender”,
    Stony Brook University
    Art Gallery
  • 1997
    ”Video Series”,
    Curated by Laurie Brown,
    Knitting Factory,
    New York, NY

    ”Gramercy International Art Fair”,
    Gramercy Hotel, New York,
    NY, Chelsea

    ”Steffany Martz Gallery”,
    New York, NY
  • 1996
    ”The Future Last Forever”,
    Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, NY

    ”Halloween Show”,
    Gallery Index, Stockholm,
    Sweden Art Exchange Project,
    Arena, New York, NY
  • 1995
    Whitney Independent Study
    Program Studio Show,
    Whitney Museum Downtown Branch,
    New York, NY

    ”Freaks.”, Hosted by Javier Tellez,
    300 W. 43rd Street, New York, NY
  • 1994
    ”Tiny Shoes”,
    Curator D-L Alvarez,
    New Langton Arts,
    San Francisco, CA

    ”6x9”, Sponsored
    by Zyzzyza Magazine,
    Victoria Room,
    San Francisco, CA

    ”Juror Art Exhibition”,
    California State Fair,
    Sacramento, CA
  • 1993
    Curated by Armado Rasco,
    Intersection for the Arts,
    San Francisco, CA

    ”Drawing First
    (Third Annual Exhibition)”,
    Curated by Ann Phiblin,
    San Jose Institute Of
    Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA
  • 1990-92
    ”Elvis Lives, Art Attack Gallery”,
    San Francisco, CA
    Twelve Annual Juror Exhibition,
    Arts Council of San Mateo County,
    San Francisco, CA


Extended Biography

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