Marco Cueva

2007, March 10 - April 14


Galleri Charlotte Lund has the pleasure of presenting a solo exhibition with new work by Marco Cueva.

The exhibition “Más Flow” is Cueva’s third at the gallery. This time he has chosen to move to a bigger format and is showing a few, large works. The artist masters all classic sculpture material such as marble, granite, wood, alabaster, etc., and in the past has always let work appear in its natural color. Now, for the first time, Cueva has painted some of the sculptures in strong colors and has also done a bronze casting.

The playfulness and lightness of the expression contrasts with the weight of the material. Cueva’s forms are often organic and sometimes portray an emotional state. Cueva wishes to emphasize the meeting between different cultures, the type of meeting that an individual is exposed to when in contact with other societies and other ways of living.

Marco Cueva was born in Honduras in 1965. He graduated from the Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 1995, and works in Stockholm. His sculptures can be seen in outdoor public areas at Farsta Highschool and at the Hagalund Center in the Stockholm suburbs. The artist has just completed a public commission for the Stockholm County Administrative Court, titled “Moln”.

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