Leif Palmquist

2007, January 13 - February 24

"Before and after a second"

Galleri Charlotte Lund has the pleasure of presenting a solo exhibition of Leif Palmquist with a new series of work.

The exhibition features abstract paintings and drawings by Leif Palmquist done in watercolor, oil and pencil. The motifs have an element of repetition, sometimes portraying a sound. In the exhibition “Before and after a second”, the artist develops his world of imagery with light forms that feel ephemeral and give the impression of having fallen down from the cosmos.

Monica Nieckels, curator/art critic, wrote in a recently produced catalogue about Leif Palmquist:

“Small elements on an undefined surface always look like objects in space, matter in the world,” wrote Donald Judd in his collected works.

Leif Palmquist’s paintings show just that – objects in space, matter in the world – in a particular time and in a space that he creates or that has been created on the way, by accident.

“Expandable stars way”, “In the light of the moon” and “That which is heard” are the names of some of Leif Palmquist’s recent exhibitions. They give us an idea about his special feeling for and interest in nature and natural phenomenona. Working titles such as “before and after a second” and “meeting in a point” move us further out in to space and the rapid, transient and magnificent presuppositions of life. There, where perhaps only art can reach and where humankind’s creative powers have space and sustenance.”

Born in 1961, Leif Palmquist lives and works in Stockholm. In 2004, he had a solo exhibition at the Ronneby Konsthall and has had earlier exhibitions at, amongst others, the Olle Olsson House in Solna.

Press photographs are available.
Opening reception: Saturday, January 13, 14:00 – 17:00.

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