Maria Friberg: alongside us

2008, January 24 - March 08

Galleri Charlotte Lund is proud to present Maria Friberg’s fifth solo exhibition at the gallery.

The exhibition features six new photographs. The images show a number of men dressed in white, high up in the tree tops of massive trees. In some cases they melt into the branches, in other images it is hard to make out if they are resting on the branches or if they are holding on fast so as not to fall.

The cold, black branches are outlined against the sky like calligraphy or pen-and-ink strokes on white paper. In earlier series, Friberg looked for inspiration in the still life painting of forgone years. Here, her work is probably closer to free style drawing. The branches of the trees build an abstract pattern in the background, while the men dressed in white problematizes mankind’s relationship with nature – how can 18th century ideas of “the sublime” be comprehended in the light of the acute environmental threat of today?

The title ‘alongside us’ alludes to how a plane docks and refuels in mid-air – an image of dependency, trust and risk that is translated into human relations.

From the start, Friberg has carried out intuitive, anthropological research using contemporary men as the object of her research. Like the author Susan Faludi she discusses men’s role in society from a feministic perspective. While masculinity in itself gives a certain position of power, many men experience the patriarchal system as a prison with predetermined roles and rigid hierarchies.

Maria Friberg (born 1966) is one of Sweden’s most successful artists. Her work is regularly exhibited in the U.S., Germany and Italy. Last year she participated in the widely acclaimed exhibition “Global Feminisms” at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York. Her work is represented in several museums and in important collections in Sweden and abroad, such as the Moderna Museet, Stockholm; Kiasma, Helsinki; Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC; Fotomuseum Wintherthur, Zurich; Martin Z Margulies, Miami and Anthony T Podesta, Washington DC.

At the same time as the ‘alongside us’ exhibition is being shown at Galleri Charlotte Lund, Kulturhuset in Stockholm is presenting a comprehensive retrospective of Friberg’s career, from 1997 to today. Galleri Charlotte Lund will also present photographs from the artist’s new series in a Maria Friberg solo exhibition at the artfair ARCO in Madrid February, 13-18.

A new book about Maria Friberg’s art has been published for the exhibition, with texts by Håkan Nilsson, art critic, Stockholm, Maura Reilly, curator at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York and professor Thomas W. Kuhn, Düsseldorf.

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