Olav Christopher Jenssen: The Letharia Paintings

2012, May 10 - June 30

Gallery Charlotte Lund is proud to present our first solo exhibition of the Norwegian artist Olav Christopher Jenssen. The exhibition entitled “The Letharia Paintings” is made in collaboration with Galleri Riis.

“The Letharia Paintings” is a new series of monumental paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas. Evolving from years of work, they reveal traces of the abstract, organic imagery from before. These works are more intense and denser, conveying a sense of still growing, of infinity. The Letharia in the title is the name of a lichen – a poetic afterthought, according to the artist.

Jenssen makes infinite paintings, offering the viewer an equally expressive and stylised landscape. Simultaneously working with multiple series and mediums, Jenssen alternates between the different works mentally and physically; from informal and fast painted pictures to more strict and formal paintings, in monumental as well as small formats.

Olav Christopher Jenssen is considered one of the foremost artists from the Nordic region and has gained international recognition for his distinctive and multi-facetted paintings, as well as for his idiosyncratic sculptures. In addition, his production encompass drawings, graphic works and books. Always exploring and adopting new methods and techniques, his works contain both continuity and diversity.

During the exhibition the gallery will organise an artist talk with Olav Christopher Jenssen and an invited guest.

Press images are available on request.

Please join us at the opening reception Thursday, May 9th, 6 – 8 pm. Welcome!

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Artist Talk June 19, 2012