Dongwook Lee: Back Gardens

2013, January 24 - March 07

Galleri Charlotte Lund is delighted to announce our first solo exhibition with the Korean artist Dongwook Lee.

On view in the exhibition “Back Gardens” will be installations consisting of eleven, small-scale polymer clay sculptures and 30 photographs portraying the presented sculptures. Dongwook Lee creates detailed miniatures of realistically portrayed human-like figures – all as small parts in a bigger universe.

In Dongwook Lee’s work perfection encounters imperfection. A fragile beauty stands alongside a violent brutality. His sculptures, looking like grownup-foetus, are living ineffectively captured in ambiguous systems. A skinless existence in a scary world.
From a young age, Lee has been a friend of animals and a devoted breeder. Over the years, he has collected insects, birds and fishes. He has built up tiny “mini-farms” to take care of. Now, his miniature sculptures, which can all fit into a shoebox, are referring to this interest. The small-scale format of his pieces also allows complete control throughout the creative process.
In the installation “Good Boy” (2011-2012) one single man-like micro-human is tied up to a snare connected with several dogs. Human and animal, here retained to an inter-relational trust. If one of them falls, so will the rest. The cruelty of power also appears in Lee’s pixel-sculptures where parts of the subject are covered in cubic pixel-formations. The violence is there, but the viewer can’t tell whether there is a weapon or a bloody injury behind the pixel-blur. Just like in the movies. All there is to see is covered up cruelty.

Dongwook Lee (b.1970 in Daejeon, Korea) lives and work in Seoul, where he was a student at the College of Art, Hongik University. In the spring of 2011, Lee participated our group show ”38°N Snow South: Korean Contemporary Art” curated by Miyoung von Platen.
The artist has had solo shows at ARARIO Gallery in Seoul, DOOSAN Gallery in New York and Avanthay Contemporary in Zurich. Lee has also participated in group shows such as “Pepparmint Candy: Contemporary Art from Korea” (2009) at National Museum of Contemporary Art in Korea, ”Korean Eye: Moon Generation” (2009) at Saatchi Gallery in London and ”A Glocal View: Korean Contemporary Art” (2011) at Uppsala Art Museum. The artist is represented in the Burger Collection, Germany, the Rubell Family Collection, USA, the Lohengrin Enterprices, USA and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

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