Anne Thulin: O grå - bilder i språk

2014, January 23 - March 08

Opening Thursday 23 January, 6-8 pm

Galleri Charlotte Lund is pleased to present our fifth solo exhibition featuring works by Anne Thulin.

In her work, Anne Thulin returns to a powerful fascination she has for the written word and language. Just as she often works in shades of grey, these pieces move within a grey zone, in which she explores the word?s physical form, and the visual experience that exists alongside the audial and semantic. By taking words and objects out of their original context and placing them in a new one, she challenges the viewer?s perceptions and expectations.

O grå - bilder i språk presents several series of works done on paper, along with a sound installation. The visitor is taken on a journey in which words and poems are transformed into shapes and structures. Staples affix the memory of a poem onto pastel coated paper, creating small elevations that evoke the shape of words and letters. Text is transformed into image where the words are invisible, yet present.
One series of works is inspired by Katarina Frostenson?s poems. “The works are a homage to the powerful physical expression in her poems, the almost burning presence, how the words follow after one another, and attach themselves to the page to create a visual image,” Anne Thulin says.

There are also two pieces on display at the exhibition where Anne Thulin has further developed her work with waxed newspapers. The wax makes the pages transparent, which both accentuates and conceals the words as they disappear in a mass of texts layered on top of each other. The newspaper pages – so familiar from a distance – become strange and illegible close up.

Anne Thulin (b.1953 in Lund) lives and works in Stockholm and New York. In the summer of 2010, she exhibited the installation “Double Dribble” at Wanås, consisting of nine big red balls placed in the treetops. Last summer, a smaller version of the work was shown at the Swedish Institute in Paris, and in the fall she will be taking part in the exhibition Imagine- Konst och process på Wanås at the Swedish Embassy in Washington.

Anne Thulin has presented solo exhibitions at numerous venues including Technohoros Gallery, Athens (2012); Olle Olsson-huset, Stockholm (2001) and Lunds Konsthall, Lund (2003), and has also taken part in group exhibitions at Skissernas Museum, Lund (2012); Luleå Art Biennale, Luleå (2011); Pierogi Gallery, New York (2011); Socrates Sculpture Park, New York (2005), and Moderna Museet, Stockholm (1996).

Over the course of the exhibition, the gallery will be holding an artist talk with Anne Thulin and Ingela Lind. In conjunction with the talk there will also be a reading given by Katarina Frostenson and Anne Thulin.

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