Leif Palmquist: efter ljus

2014, March 13 - April 26

Galleri Charlotte Lund is pleased to present our fifth solo exhibition with Leif Palmquist.

Leif Palmquist is known for his watercolours on paper, and has spent many years refining and perfecting his own abstract expressionist idiom. His paintings are imbued with a deep interest in light and colour, and belong to a tradition that includes the abstract idioms of Mark Rothko and Ad Reinhardt.

In efter ljus, two series of paintings are displayed that represent a further development of earlier works. Having previously created paintings with forms inspired by the cosmos and sound, in these new works Leif Palmquist has zoomed in on details and focused on the light itself.
One series shows stripes of colour that stretch across the paper, but also fade out and dissolve in white light. In the second series, layers of colour have been applied on top of each other, and although the paintings are monochromes, their tones shifts. The exhibition includes single works, as well as diptychs and triptychs.

Leif Palmquist places great store on the viewer’s own interpretation, and is careful not to lead them to make any specific figurative associations on the basis of colour and form. He strives to keep the paintings open to all interpretations, and the titles of the works play an important role in that process. Alongside creating his paintings, Leif Palmquist collects words and formulations that, like the paintings themselves, are open and often raise more questions in the viewer than they answer. These poetic sounding titles are then paired up with the finished paintings.

Leif Palmquist (b. 1961) lives and works in Stockholm. His works have been exhibited at Gallery 207, Los Angeles; Konsthallen Bohusläns Museum, Bohuslän; Olle Olsson-huset, Stockholm. He has also presented solo exhibitions at Karlskrona Konsthall, the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo, and at Kulturcentrum in Ronneby.
In May, Leif Palmquist will be taking part in the exhibition ”Galleri Charlotte Lund c/o Bendana-Pinel Art Contemporain” in Paris.

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